TAAL57 is a global partnership platform operating in the field of Health Tech innovation.

Health Tech industry is unique due to the combination of rapid innovation, constantly growing demand and wide social impact. Every year the industrial landscape changes opening new possibilities for new ventures and generating growth drivers for companies, both matured and new ventures, and technology sponsors that are interested to support the growth.

Our vision:

The goal of TAAL57 platform is to build a Health Tech innovation ecosystem in which resources and industry stakeholders continuously interact resulting in creation of novel products and services and contributing to the global progress. The core concept of TAAL57 is to reduce the distance between the innovative ideas, the makers and the resources required for innovation development.

Our mission:

Scouting Innovation Resources:

we promote, facilitate and structure collaborations and integration of innovation resources for professional members of the Health Tech global industry, including matured technology companies, research institutions, experts, patients communities, technology investors, founders and early-stage ventures.

Shaping Innovation Strategies:

we help to identify growth drivers and strategic opportunities, assess options for capturing such opportunities and design the business strategy.

Supporting technology transactions:

Leveraging our multidiscipline expertise in Health Tech sector, we assist companies, founders and investors to target, screen and structure potential opportunities for investments, acquisitions and sale of technology business.

Please contact TAAL57 at: taal57@taal-healthtech.com

Legal note: we do not solicit, offer or sell securities. Please see Securities Laws Disclaimers